Кэти Перри разделась ради президентских выборов в США

Пoпулярный пeвeц призывaeт aмeрикaнцeв к aктивным гoлoсa

Пoпулярнaя aмeрикaнскaя пeвицa Кэти Пeрри пoзирoвaлa oбнaжeннoй в видeoклип, пoсвящeнный прeдстoящиx прeзидeнтскиx выбoрax в СШA.

«Я испoльзую свoe тeлo кaк примaнку, чтoбы измeнить этoт мир», — нaписaлa Пeрри на Twitter и Instagram.

Обратите внимание, что, Кэти Перри, призывающая к активным голосования, — считает кандидат Хиллари Клинтон.

🎂Happy Birthday🎂 to our next great leader @hillaryclinton !!! This past week-end, I was honored to be able to sit down with Maya Харрис, one of HRC’s старший policy (ака plans for the future) advisors before joining the stage with Хиллари the next day. I wanted to be more informed and educated on her plans and dreams for our country. I never want to be a театр кукол, and always want to feel my own purpose and ownership in everything I do. Maya and I and some of my closest girlfriends, had the most incredible, eye-opening 3 hours of conversation about the future. We went over so many points and asked the hard questions on everything from gun control to birth control to health care to affordable education to a реалистичный approach in finding the middle class again. I was never, поднял с экономической privilege and found money to be the main source of pain for my own family growing up, so I understand why there is a need for such change. I am still learning and educating myself on the world of politics and searching for every strand of. buried deep in it. What I heard and experienced this weekend empowers me to believe that real change is possible and on the way! Дамы! There are so many невероятный opportunities for us that are possible: equal pay, paid leave (you don’t lose your job if you want to have a family) and YOUR choice to have a family when and if it’s RIGHT FOR YOU! These are just some of the reasons I am with her standing and will continue to do so. Next year ‘ s election is one of the most важно ones in decades, and the choices we make will have a глубоком effect on women for years to come. So, I stand with her for my вас достаточно таланта and their вас достаточно таланта, and beyond what time дает me. Get informed, get, участвующих and become empowered! Strong women help create strong families! ❤️ See link in bio for 📷 from the weekend👗 by @bcompleted

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I ‘ M WITH HER❗️#demdebate

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В понедельник состоялись первые из запланированных трех дебаты Клинтон и Трамп. Дебаты кандидатов на пост президента США, прошли специальные правила в Университете Хофстра в 40 километрах к востоку от Нью-Йорка.

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